Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fruit it up!

*click on the image for better quality*

I'm in Ibiza now! The house we are renting is awesome!!!
 A couple years ago we've rented this house too and I still love it. The weather over here is great.
Me and my family are staying here for 2 weeks so it's gonna be a super vacation haha.
Anddd here is a new collage i've prommised I would make.
The style is 'fruit'. It is a very populair style for this summer, spotted at Prada, h&m, and more!
Btw, soon I will post some pics of my style, so stay tuned!

Have a great Holliday!
Love, Diva.


  1. Hee, ja ik ken deze stijl. Die fruitpump droeg olivia palermo ook! Supersweet! Have fun, X

    Follow me too if you want! Xoxo